Cindy Torres

Your Marketing & VA Specialist

Helping Small Businesses Grow & Allowing Them Time To Focus On Their Customers.

  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Minor Graphic Design
  • Google Analytics
  • Newsletters
  • Content Creation
  • Websites
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Website Maintenance

Are you a small business? Do you have days that feel so overwhelming and you feel like you’re focusing more on trying to build your business than focusing on your actual product or service? 

Do you wish you had some professional and skilled help from someone who knows how to navigate all the frustrating technical things? If it can be done online, Cindy can do it! From social media management and newsletters to website builds and maintenance. I got you covered. Perhaps you have an idea that you just are not sure how to implement? Cindy has 6+ years of experience helping small businesses reach their goals and implement their ideas. 

Are you ready to make your business come to life while still having time to create your product or service and focus on your customers??


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